Our Commitment to Hygiene and Cleanliness


All around the world, as The Ascott Limited (Ascott) and TAUZIA Hotels welcome you back to their properties, we are committed to providing enhanced hygiene and safety standards for our guests, staff and partners.

Introducing Ascott Cares – our commitment to maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness standards as well as safe distancing to continue providing a safe home for you and a safe working environment for our staff.

To give you full confidence and a greater peace of mind, Ascott Cares covers these nine commitments:


1. Our Staff:
  • Distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to staff, such as masks,protective screen, gloves, sanitisers, according to specific job requirements. Clearand visible signs on proper use and disposal.
  • Regular non-invasive temperature screenings at staff entrance and exit locations (implementation may vary from country to country depending on local regulations and laws)
  • Enforce safe “physical distancing” protocols for employees at workplace including staff recreational rooms, staff cafeteria, staff accommodation and all other employee areas.
  • Regular disinfection of workspace, high-touch surfaces and increased sanitisation of staff accommodation
  • Regular trainings for our employees to ensure proper awareness on health hygiene and update on local regulations
  • Protocols and regular trainings on swift and appropriate responses
  • Leverage technology to create virtual community for social activities and events in lieu of on-site activities. Use of internal social media platforms and technology tools to meet training commitments
  • Greetings to be reduced to non-contact methods

2. Guest Safety:
  • Accessibility of medical masks and hand sanitisers at high traffic areas or on request
  • Guests are to provide health and travel declarations and undergo temperature checks upon entry of the property and within property’s shared facilities during health situations (where applicable and required by local authorities).
  • Filling up of health and travel declaration form upon check-in/ check-out when required by local authorities
  • Dedicated room within property for health emergency usage
  • An Ascott Cares champion on property for internal coordination and to liaise with local health authorities and local health facilities
  • Partnership with telemedicine operators are being explored to increase comfort and reassurance of our guests during their stay

3. Physical Distancing:
  • Limiting the number of guests in high touch zones such as front desk, lobby, dining room, lifts and other shared facilities (minimum distance might vary from location to location according to local regulations). Safe distancing measure also apply to car parks
  • Permanent floor markers as visual guide for guests to follow
  • Re-arrange/ remove furniture in lobby area and other interaction points to allow safe distancing, comfort and facilitate a smoother flow of traffic
  • Enforcing a limit on number of visitors in guests’ unit

4. Housekeeping:
  • All cleaning staff to wear gloves and masks
  • Increased disinfection and cleaning frequencies, especially for all high touch public areas and frequently touched guest room areas and items. Antimicrobial coatings and effective disinfecting technology will be applied in the lifts where possible to enhance safety.
  • Regular review of quality and standards for third party vendors and cleaning chemicals approved by the local authorities for disinfection and sanitisation.
  • Encourage innovative disinfection technologies
  • All linen are washed and treated at high temperatures

5. Apartments & Rooms:
  • Enhanced in-unit living and work conditions in a safe environment to optimize the ability to work and cook from the comforts of the apartments, without stepping outdoors.
  • Unit maximum capacity (number of guests/ visitors) is strictly adhered to, without exceptions
  • Additional health preventive amenities in room
  • Protocols in place to ensure the high hygiene standards of wall-mounted shower amenities
  • Number of decorative items in the units, such as cushions and bed runners, is being reviewed

6. Food & Beverage:
  • Physical distancing between guests will be arranged in all restaurants and bars
  • Providing hand sanitiser and face masks at the entrance upon request
  • Encouraging digital menu solutions and engaging with appropriate partners to provide those options. Physical menus will still be provided upon request
  • All kitchen, service and stewarding team members are to wear protective gear including face masks and disposable gloves, as long as deemed necessary by World Health Organisation
  • Buffet set-ups are reorganised to comply with global hygiene standards. We encourage our partners to provide grab & go breakfast boxes as alternative to existing breakfast offerings
  • Comprehensive awareness training programme on hygiene procedures to ensure all team members are empowered to deliver the enhanced health and safety programme with confidence
  • In room dining and minibar procedures are updated to avoid human to human contact

7. Shared Facilities:
  • Rules and regulations specific to each facility (such as swimming pools, fitness centres, meeting rooms, spa, kid’s club and residents lounges) have been revamped to meet our enhanced commitment to hygiene, cleanliness and physical distancing
  • Compulsory use of individual towels in fitness centre – for self-cleaning of exercise equipment before and after use
  • Facilities that are not able to meet those criteria will be remain closed until further notice

8. Contactless & Paperless:
  • Contactless check-in and check-out process options to be exercised where possible
  • Use of Cashless payment methods where available, i.e. Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayWave, Apple Pay in addition to existing traditional options
  • Robotics initiative solutions in selected locations
  • De-clutter paper amenities such as pen, paper and guest directory - providing digital manuals to operate kitchen appliances as well as digital newspapers and magazines.
  • Operation of water dispenser, coffee machine and vending machine in public areas are suspended unless a contactless mechanism or suitable alternative mechanism is available

9. Our Vendors:
  • Improved Supply Chain visibility to ensure enhanced hygiene and safety regulations and regular reviews of our vendors to guarantee the enhanced hygiene standards.
  • Tighter measures during deliveries. Temperature check of delivery person and details are captured for contact tracing (implementation may vary from country to country depending on local regulations and laws)
  • Enhanced HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training and procedures are rolled out for all deliveries, both deliverer and receiver
  • Laundry vendors have to comply with local health and hygiene regulations

Home – your safe destination
Ascott and Tauzia’s serviced residences and hotels in over 30 countries globally offer more than just lodging. As an international lodging provider for both long-stay and transient travellers, for business and leisure, many of our guests call Ascott and TAUZIA their home away from home and count on us to provide security and comfort.

Safety for our guests, residents and team members has always been a top priority for us. We will continue to closely monitor recommendations and adhere to regulations from local authorities and WHO guidelines so that our guests can continue to enjoy their travel and living experience in complete safety.


Clause Disclaiming Liability
Ascott Cares entails our commitments to maintain high standards of hygiene, sanitisation facilities and technical prerequisites to create a safe environment for our staffs, guests and partners. Whilst the managers of the properties (subsidiaries of The Ascott Limited (“TAL”)) and TAUZIA Hotels are committed to ensure the implementation of Ascott Cares at the properties, the managers are unable to guarantee that every property will be fully sanitised at all times. This is due to the invisible and undetectable nature of pathogens and also since safe environments depend in part on the co- operation and health profile of other guests and visitors. In visiting and remaining at a property, guests and other visitors to the property understand and assume the risks involved, and agree that they shall not hold the property manager or TAL or TAUZIA Hotels responsible or liable, and shall not claim against the property manager or TAL or TAUZIA Hotels, for and in respect of any infection that may be acquired at a property and any illness or other loss or damage arising therefrom.