YELLO Hotel Jemursari Organizes French Indonesian Mural Artists Collaboration 

Urban art has grown rapidly in Surabaya lately. This can be seen from the number of graffitis, murals, architectures, and even to fashion with modern and freestyle influenced.

YELLO Hotel Jemursari as a hub for urban artists to express their creativity organizes “Back to Da Wall” - a collaboration of French and Indonesian mural artists  in the  lobby area of YELLO Hotel Jemursari.

The event is held on 5th of August, with  interesting activities crafted for the urban art enthusiasts and communities. It features well-known international artists namely CEET - contemporary French artist, energetic style with wild color and typical mural letters. Wormo - mural artist from Jakarta known for his flashy and bright colors combination with organic shape and also  Sikut Skid - artist and curator from Surabaya  with lettery abstract style also the author Sandiolo and Sobat Depresi.

“YELLO Hotel Jemursari as a hub for urban artists is aligned with YELLO Hotels concept, it is our way to encourage and appreciate artists to take the next step in creativity and to continue to challenge themselves.” said Marc Steinmeyer. President Director Tauzia Hotel Management. “Through this collaboration of France and Indonesia, we will create more exposure to Indonesian artists to the international level and to inspire them.”

An interactive talk show where artists could share experience and stories to several art communities were organized as well with food trucks and the signature YELLO Roar - percussion from YELLO Hotel Jemursari team made by recycled items.

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