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CSR - Equal Chance


"You can give them a chance"

TAUZIA believes in giving everyone equal opportunity of career development. In 2013, we have started TAUZIA Equal Chance Commitment campaign in all our hotels throughout Indonesia. With this campaign, we intend to extend this chance of people development from early years to the marginalized children beside to prevent them from becoming street children or child labour by providing support and access to allow them to have better education.

Why Equal Chance

“Think of others” is one of TAUZIA key values. At TAUZIA we also believe that everyone has the right to education. Education is a ticket for a better chance in life and a key part of TAUZIA’s commitment.

Today we want to extend this commitment to the less fortunate children of Indonesia. This is an opportunity for us to give a chance for street children by raising funds for their education and creating a framework to ensure their success throughout the years.



TAUZIA has signed an agreement to sponsor 54 children in Jakarta and Surabaya as the first phase. It is our commitment to provide education with its supporting programs with our strategic partner,  ISCO (Indonesian Street Children Organization). ISCO was founded in 1999 and is a non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Jakarta with a vision to give an equal chance to every child in education and hope for the future. It currently sponsors the education of 1,785 children from 5-17 years old and monitors each child’s education and individual development while maintaining a close relationship with the families.

How It Works

Each hotel will adopt 2 to 3 children to be sponsored through fundraising activities encouraged by TAUZIA:

a.   A hotel promotional program with our guests

b.   Internal activities with employees

c.   Regional promotional programs

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